Poseidon Observes Jonah

“So they took up Jonah
And cast him forth into the sea:
and the sea ceased from her raging.” – Jonah 1:15

In that headlong plunge
Into my abdicated realm,
The minnow priest knows not
The bait he has become.
See? Even now,
My daughter’s dorsal crown
Crests the angered waves.
Swim, tiny morsel,
Twitch upon the sea!
It shall not save you
From her hungry maw.
Savor that one, my love:
He tastes of covenants
And the trappings of that younger god.
And yet, what is this?
Only three turns of the world
Til she belched him on the shores of Nineveh.
Alas, I cannot blame her.
I, too, find these upstarts indigestable.